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We are a global marketing firm serving the publishing community dedicated to providing independent publishers of "how to" or "self-Help" books the resouces and global reach of our network of affliates to promote their written materials.


List of Products


Secrets to Empowered English

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$19.95 Secrets to Empowered English


A terrific resource that uses secret, old world, techniques to help any reader greatly improve their communication skills.  The secret techniques contained in this ebook were developed and used extensively in Europe for many years and have been shown to be effective through its amazing time-tested results.  This ebook will empower your English and enable you to communicate in any situation with absolute confidence.  The book is written in a simple and easy to read fashion and is guaranteed to help you improve your speaking and writing skills.

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Mastering the Techniques of Engraving

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$19.95 - Secrets of Engraving info@secretsofengraving.tk 

Great book to help those trying to learn the art of engraving. Very insightful ebook, intelligently written to provide the proper amount of detail without overloading the reader along with an adequate number of illustrations to clearly illustrate the topic under discussion.

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economic datebook


$19.99 - EconomicDatebook


Excellant tool to help those in need of improving their investment skills and their overall investment portfolio  performance results. . 
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